Southeastern Water Pollution Biologists Association // Oct. 14-17

14 / October / 2019

Chattanooga, TN - Project Biologist Nick Carmean, TN-QHP, is headed this week to speak at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Water Pollution Biologists Association in Chattanooga, TN. 

Carmean's Wednesday morning presentation is titled Reclamation of the North Potato Creek Watershed, which will cover the transformation of the removal of metals and acidity from North Potato Creek and the Ocoee River in southeastern Tennessee. Barge Design Solutions has been the lead consultant on the site for almost 20 years. 

Carmean has over 10 years of experience serving as the lead biologist on a wide array of projects ranging from mitigation banking projects, bioassessment stream monitoring, large-scale DOT road projects, pipeline construction projects, and a multitude of other environmental services. In addition to the field work associated with these projects, he coordinates the consultation and permitting process with the appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies. Many of these projects require data processing and final reports, which he coordinates and provides to the client. 

He earned his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Biology from Ohio Northern University, and later his Master of Science degree in Fisheries Biology from Arkansas Tech University. Carmean is a TN Qualified Hydrologic Professional.