Dane Danielson Receives HCA Award

19 / December / 2022

In 2019, Gould Turner Group (GTG) became a division of Barge Design Solutions, bringing together two of Nashville's most successful and well-established A/E/C companies. HCA, who has been one of GTG's biggest clients for more than 40 years, hosts an annual partnering event that consists of meetings, a fundraiser, celebrations, and more. For the last five years, they have also presented their Design & Construction Partner of the Year Award. Nominations are submitted by HCA design and construction managers to recognize great service from individuals within their partnering organizations.

In 2022, Barge was the only firm to have two nominees out of the nine total nominations.

Laura Padgett, AIA, LEED AP, Vice President and Client Service Leader, was nominated for her work with the Patient Room Modules (PRM), as she works with all HCA design and construction managers on the standards they incorporate throughout all their hospitals.

Dane Danielson, Project Manager, was nominated for his work with a difficult project where we were tasked with converting an old section of a hospital (built in 1918) to be a clinically usable area. This area was in the middle of the facility (inaccessible to cranes), had a wooden roof, and was located above another project we just completed... so we had to be especially careful! CMS, the funding group for Medicare and Medicaid, was initially in opposition to our solution, but we were able to build trust and provide information that convinced them to allow us to proceed. Our work likely saved the hospital millions of dollars on this project. 

We are proud to announce that Dane was selected as the winner for 2022! Congratulations, Dane! This honor makes us the only company to have had two winners in the history of the award, as Cheryl Saale was the recipient in 2020.