We have significant experience in the preparation of master plans to support your growth goals.


Whether our staff is partnering on community needs associated with parks, water, sewer, or stormwater or tackling site-specific development, the company understands the path to success. Our planning philosophy is simple. We take our clients' projects and their budget, and then plan in a creative, functional, and sustainable manner that exceeds expectations. Barge’s knowledge and insight can help achieve consensus for the future and create the support that generates momentum to make projects happen.

We also provide overall program management, planning and implementation for industrial clients around the world. On the owner's behalf, the company represents the client in developing the business case for a project to the development of initial budgets and schedules. Also included in this service is the construction oversight and consultant selection. Our program management teams are proactive in their guidance and provide advice and assistance that has the best interest of the client at heart.


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