Data Centers

We understand the complexities of the data center development process and how it can vary by tier, location and scale. 


With over 7.5 gigawatts of data center master planning, Barge has the experience, teaming ability, and staffing to plan and implement mission critical projects. Whether a one-location project or a fully programmed, multi-site fleet, we are equipped to walk clients through the full development process. From site selection and due diligence, to environmental assessments and programming, to data center design and construction administration, our design team and support staff are experienced in what it takes to achieve modern, sophisticated data center facilities.

Our data center clientele rely on us to be nimble and scalable to their need, just like their data centers. We can manage your fleetwide program, or provide a la carte design services or subconsulting, or oversee retrofit projects. 

Barge has been instrumental in crafting mission critical site development programs and strategies for private companies, Fortune 50 corporations, and Federal clients. We stay current, evolve with this market’s rapid growth, and believe in the power of organized and applied data. Barge is committed to remaining flexible and continually advancing our best practices for design and construction.

Not only are we outfitted to help our clients choose and prepare a site, program a facility, and execute each stage of construction, Barge is also capable of programmatically planning and scaling data center locations across a region or across the country. Our clients find that continuity in teaming with Barge when scaling locations not only saves time and financial resources, but also allows the team to anticipate challenges, be proactive with solutions, and efficiently plan for future expansions or developments.


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