Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture has a significant ability to shape how a user interacts with a given space. And while aesthetics is the most readily identified goal of good design, functionality, sustainability and maintenance costs are also important considerations. Our landscape architects consider these essential elements when determining the best design for the site, end user, and client.

Barge Design Solutions has helped municipalities, companies, and nonprofit organizations prepare community, campus, and area-wide master plans, programs, and site plans for a variety of projects. Our architects, landscape architects, and civil and structural engineers team together to deliver program planning, cost estimates and budget, design plans and specifications, and construction phase

• Economic Development and Site Selection
• Site Planning and Development
• Landscape Design
• Bicycle/Pedestrian Facility Design
• Streetscapes, Greenways, and Riverwalks
• Campus Planning
• Parks and Recreation
• Multi-Family
• Sports Complexes
• Zoning Assistance
• Sustainable Design

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