Landscape Architecture

our landscape architects are in the business of place-making. We understand how even small decisions impact the interconnected way people experience outdoor spaces.


Outdoor spaces influence and are influenced by natural processes. Regardless of project scale or budget, we hold ourselves to the standard of creating vibrant, inclusive places that stimulate renewal and resiliency.

The built environment is the place where we gather, conduct business, build community, and rejuvenate ourselves. More than a collection of buildings and structures, these places – whether a corporate headquarters, a university campus, a downtown streetscape, a neighborhood park, or a community trail – are complex ecosystems within which landscape architects are uniquely qualified to design. At Barge, we consider aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, accessibility, capital costs, and long-term operational factors when determining the best design solution for the site, end user, and client. Above all, our process supports a collaborative, often multidisciplinary approach that blends what are sometimes competing elements into a cohesive vision.

As we work with you, we challenge ourselves to be change agents in transforming the world through design, one project at a time. Toward that vision, we believe that the value of a thoughtful design process and authentic place-making is measured in multiple streams of near and long-term benefits. As your landscape architects we will challenge ourselves to maximize your vision in pursuit of design excellence on your project – because each project matters in creating an equitable, resilient future.


Our Landscape Architecture Services Include:

  • Economic Development and Site Selection
  • Site Planning and Development
  • Planting Design
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Facility Design
  • Streetscapes, Greenways, and Riverwalks
  • Community Trails and Trail Systems
  • Campus Planning
  • Parks and Recreation System Master Planning
  • Park Design
  • Accessible & Inclusive Playground Design
  • Outdoor Learning Environments
  • Healing Gardens
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Athletic and Intramural Complexes
  • Entitlement & Zoning Assistance
  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Cultural and Historic Landscapes
  • Sustainable and Resilient Design


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