Wilburn’s Hideaway Terrace Selected as Nashville’s First Permanent Parklet

18 / September / 2023

Barge's parklet design, Wilburn's Hideaway Terrace, has been announced as the first permanent parklet in Metro Nashville and is now open to the public.

The Civic Design Center asked local designers to create a permanent parklet outside Wilburn Street Tavern as part of their Parklet Design Competition. The competition is a way to actualize the use of Metro Nashville’s new parklet and tactical urbanism permits – a cause the nonprofit, Barge, and other firms have advocated for years.

This initiative is promoted under Metro Nashville's new parklet and tactical urbanism permits, managed by the Nashville Department of Transportation.

Parklets are aesthetic and functional enhancements to the streetscape, providing an economical solution to the need for increased public open space. Various amenities are offered such as seating, planting, bike parking, and art. They reflect a commitment to multi-modal users, pedestrian-friendly streets, and communities that desire increased public open space. Parklets are also seen by designers as a contribution to calming traffic.

In partnership with HOAR Construction, Barge employees helped construct Wilburn's Hideaway Terrace which opened to the public on September 17.

About Wilburn's Hideaway Terrace:

Barge's design, titled "Wilburn's Hideaway Terrace," draws inspiration from the tavern's rich history and its iconic mountain logo. The parklet seamlessly fuses tradition and modernity by incorporating elements that reflect the diverse chapters of the tavern's story. Public and semi-private spaces accommodate both community gatherings and intimate moments. Wilburn's Hideaway Terrace's color palette, drawn from the logo and historic structure, adds vibrancy.

Carefully curated planters of evergreen and deciduous shrubs provide a natural touch while incorporating reclaimed metal panels that emphasize the establishment's eclectic interior and sensible characteristics. Translucent panels, pergolas, and barrier planters create an enclosed yet inviting atmosphere that evolves with the seasons. Solar panels on the roof structure power LED lights for an enhanced evening ambiance. The parklet extends the tavern's legacy, inviting all to be a part of Nashville's enduring narrative.