Barge’s Culture of Service Profiled in Engineering, Inc. Magazine

23 / July / 2021

Barge Design Solutions was profiled in ACEC’s Engineering, Inc. Magazine Spring 2021 edition in the article Building Benevolence: Barge Design Solutions’ Community Fund Creates a Culture of Service that Fortifies its Employees, its Brand, and the Communities it Works In.

Barge’s 60+ year history of service, through both grassroots giving and a culture of volunteerism, was formalized in 2014 with the establishment of the Community Fund, the firm’s employee-run grant program, and continues across three internal organizations ­– the Community Fund, Barge Gives Back, and Barge’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.

In the article, Barge President and CEO Bob Higgins shared, “I started with Barge as an intern in 1996, and even back then it was understood that you were going to be involved in something outside of work to help your community…At Barge, we have focused really hard on building a culture that makes a difference. That benefits us, it benefits our people, and it benefits our communities.”


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