BargE is experienced in providing efficient, cost-effective, and innovative learning spaces.


We are cognizant of the requirements and specific circumstances that accompany architecture, engineering, and design for educational environments. We believe that projects -- from healthcare to parks to transportation -- present unique opportunities to improve and engage our communities. Projects within the education market are no different. Wayfinding, connection, and mobility across a campus as well as a sense of place, culture, and institutional pride must all be taken into consideration. Educational environments call for creative and modern design practices. Furthermore, renovation and maintenance are key areas to keep a campus going.

Today’s education spaces must constantly adapt to engage learners of all types. Design teams are challenged to incorporate learning opportunities into classrooms, libraries, green spaces, athletic facilities, and gathering areas alike. Barge has extensive experience in each of these areas and is equipped with the knowledge and skills to make these spaces come to life. Regardless of the type of facility, we collaborate with our clients to define each project phase so that the facility’s operational impact is minimized, and the organization can continue to positively impact their community.

We are prepared to work with your educational institution to design innovative learning spaces that educate and empower our communities.


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