Eli Wood Receives Honey Badger Spotlight Award

15 / December / 2023

Barge has selected Eli Wood, a Dothan, Alabama-based engineering associate, as a recipient of the Honey Badger Spotlight Award.

This employee-nominated award recognizes employees who stay true to Barge values and exhibit characteristics associated with the tenacious honey badger. These characteristics include being fearless and not giving up when faced with adversity during a competitive proposal or challenging project. In addition, employees are resourcefulinnovative when challenges arise, and persistent in their efforts to be the firm selected when it matters most.

Joining Barge this year, Wood was nominated for the Honey Badger Award for his exceptional dedication and positive attitude in the workplace. Despite having demanding responsibilities, such as evening RPR duties for a 24-hour project, Wood consistently makes time to assist others with a pleasant and respectful demeanor. He willingly takes on tasks, regardless of their complexity, simplicity, or mundaneness, and approaches mentoring advice and constructive criticism with appreciation and a smile.

Wood’s commitment extends to helping colleagues in a genuinely appreciable and non-condescending manner, even during busy and stressful times. His actions exemplify the perseverance and determination associated with the Honey Badger Award, making him a valuable asset to the Barge team.