Nashville Office Recruits Opportunity NOW Intern

11 / July / 2018

The Nashville Office recently joined Metro Nashville’s newly-adopted initiative called Opportunity NOW to provide high school students in Davidson County access to summer employment.

Barge Design Solutions hired intern Derek DePriest, a May 2018 McGavock High School graduate, and has already gained experience in his area of interest, information technology. He will attend Tennessee Tech University this fall, majoring in computer science with a concentration in cyber security.

“Working in the company’s IT department has taught me how to work with a team to accomplish a singular goal. It has given me opportunities to gain a real-world advantage entering college,” says DePriest.

DePriest joins nearly 7,900 Opportunity NOW students placed for summer 2018 with additional placements possible for year-round opportunities.

According to Metro Nashville, Opportunity NOW connects youth to opportunity and to hope, gaining the experience and skills needed to enter the workforce. A byproduct of the Mayor’s Youth Violence Summit, the program combats the City’s growing gap in opportunity for high school students which in turn improves the overall climate for young, new hires.