Cropp, Ward Present Water Resources Solutions at Statewide Symposium

9 / April / 2018

Adrian Ward and Trevor Cropp presented at the 27th Tennessee Water Resources Symposium April 11-13, 2018.

Barge Design Solutions was the sponsor associated with the symposium’s Fun Run.

Flood Protection for Critical Facilities

Adrian’s presentation covered how a new flood protection system was designed to allow a healthcare facility to remain in operation during severe weather. In 2016, Barge Design Solutions designed a flood protection system for a facility in Gulfport, MS. This site was susceptible to flooding from both the adjacent creek and a storm surge from a hurricane along the coast. The new flood protection system was designed to allow the critical facility to remain in operation.

Barge Design Solutions’ efforts consisted of a flood wall design, removable closures, multiple stormwater pumps, and a new 48” diameter storm sewer system.

Estimating Basin Discharge Using 2D Hydraulic Model

Trevor’s presentation presented challenges associated with selecting a cost-effective pump size. Barge Design Solutions’ was selected by West Tennessee River Basin Authority to design a pump station to evacuate flood water on the landward side of the levee at Tiptonville, TN. 

Accurate inflow estimates are critical in the sizing of the large pump station.  Given the flat topography, even a small miscalculation in stormwater inflow can result in a significant increase in the inundation area and impact residential structures on the landward side of the levee. 

To produce more realistic inflows, the Barge team chose to use a relatively new 2D modeling software that more accurately represents the discharge of this very flat drainage basin. Anticipated pumping costs were ultimately cut in half, increasing the feasibility of the project.


Trevor is Project Manager in the firm’s Environment & Water Resources Business Unit. He is a Certified Floodplain Manager and a licensed Professional Engineer in Tennessee.

Adrian is Operations Manager for the firm’s work in water resources. He is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control and a Certified Floodplain Manager. Adrian is also a licensed Professional Engineer in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and Florida.