Barge Selects Michael Cole and Tim Robinson for the Jack L. Wood Excellence in Service Awards

14 / December / 2020

The Jack L. Wood Excellence in Service Award recognizes Barge employees for a longstanding history of consistently superior service, dedication, and loyalty. Through this award, the firm honors employees who exemplify a passion and drive to elevate their communities, their team, and themselves for the betterment of those around them. Two Barge employees received this honor for the year 2020: Michael Cole and Tim Robinson.

Cole joined Barge in 2005 and currently serves as a Senior Project Manager. Since this time, he has worked in our Aviation Group, providing guidance to our technical teams and seeing projects through from concept to completion.

Vice Presidents Barry Mott and Randy Hudgings nominated Cole. They shared, “Michael exemplifies the character for which this Service Award was created. He provides excellent customer service and is an effective leader, bringing up those around him. Not only is he hardworking and dependable, but he is also compassionate and charitable. It’s because of employees like Michael that Barge can do the things we do, serve the clients we serve, and grow the firm like we have in recent years.”

Robinson has been with Barge since 1979, having started as a draftsman. His 40-plus-year career has been marked by skill, passion, and a willingness to go above and beyond for the sake of others. Along with being a subject matter specialist in his field, he quickly builds rapport with clients by demonstrating exceptional dedication and work ethic.

Mark Wilson, Survey Manager, shares, “Tim has always done whatever it takes to get the task assigned accomplished in a timely manner and within budget. His humility, faith, attitude, and willingness to be a team player is above and beyond what is to be expected. Barge is extremely fortunate to have an employee of Tim’s caliber.”


Pictured: Michael Cole (left) and Tim Robinson (right).