Miamisburg Multi-Use Trail


The Challenge

To better connect and serve the needs of the public, the Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District (TID) sought to construct a multi-use trail that connects an existing trail beginning at the intersection of Medlar Road and Miamisburg Springboro Pike with a trail along Byers Road, north of Austin Boulevard. The trail would use public lands owned by the City of Miamisburg and Miamisburg City Schools. Barge Design Solutions was selected as the consultant to assist with surveying and engineering services for final plan preparation.


The Solution

After completing a topographic survey, Barge Design Solutions worked with stakeholders to determine the route. Establishing this route required frequent communication and coordination with Miamisburg City Schools and Miamisburg Parks and Recreation, as well as athletic associations that lease park property.

The project team assisted the TID with multiple public meeting presentations, offering facts and visuals to provide a clear picture to concerned citizens. A Barge Design Solutions landscape architect was also consulted regarding possible screening and privacy options for adjacent property owners. 

The Barge Factor

Barge Design Solutions’ relationship to and involvement with the local community served well in offering facts and visuals to provide a clear picture to concerned citizens in various public meeting presentations, making the project an overall success.

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