Lithonia Lighting Corporate Campus


The Challenge

Lithonia Lighting was building a new, 50-acre headquarters in Conyers, Georgia, on a site that was comprised of three buildings situated around a lake, totaling just over 114,000 square feet. The company wanted to design a space that incorporated natural beauty and design in the middle of the site. The existing space was flat and lacked vegetation, and the client wanted the space to be transformed into a park-like setting with rolling hills, pathways, and gardens.


The Solution

Barge Design Solutions, along with MacGregor Architects and Duke-Weeks Constructions, collaborated with the client to design an outdoor space that contained over one-half mile of sidewalks and walking trails. In addition, the team reshaped the land to create berms, valleys, and a natural water feature with numerous waterfalls and paved seating areas for pedestrian traffic closer to the lake.

The Barge Factor

Barge Design Solutions had the ability to see beyond the existing space to incorporate aesthetic principles, creating a colorful and memorable campus setting.

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