Pearland Medical Center

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The Challenge

GTG has been serving HCA Healthcare for 38 years. When HCA needed a prototypical hospital design which could adapt to dynamic, diverse demographic and market conditions, they sought GTG’s help. Flexibility and the possibility of expanding the facility were paramount, as the client was attempting to enter the Houston and Ft. Worth suburban markets with an initially small footprint. This program required design that would facilitate considerable outpatient services and allow them to provide the services of a full hospital.

The Solution

GTG’s design integrated lean concepts to streamline travel distances and processes, such as smart storage solutions to keep equipment quickly and easily accessible and a universal room design concept which allows spaces to be adapted as necessary and accommodate multiple uses. Our interiors team made environmentally conscious choices, incorporating wood materials sourced from certified sustainable resources. Greg Stein, HCA’s Vice President of Design and Construction, reflects on the significance of sustainable design practices, “Hospitals are an essential part of a community. They help save and improve lives, but for them to keep operating and providing the services their community needs, hospitals require a lot of energy, which can have negative impacts on the environment.”

In addition to sourcing sustainable resources, GTG was able to reduce environmental impact by diverting 95% of construction waste away from landfills. Furthermore, over the lifetime of the building, water usage is expected to decrease from the average of these types of facilities by 30%. This is due to the low flow plumbing fixtures and energy-efficient kitchen equipment throughout the building, as well as the mechanical design for medical equipment cooling.

GTG also incorporated evidence-based concepts with patients, caregivers, and hospital staff in mind:

  • Dedicated elevators for visitors, patients, and service staff to promote efficiency, eliminate cross traffic, protect patient privacy, and enhance patient safety.
  • Private patient rooms equipped with sleeper sofas to accommodate families in their plans to spend the night with patients and assist in caregiving.
  • Handwashing sinks conveniently located at patient room entrances to decrease the spreading of germs and improve patient safety.
  • Enclosed workrooms at each nurse station provide a quiet, private, and distraction free area for physicians and staff to complete focused work, reducing the possibility of errors.


The newly constructed Pearland Medical Center is a LEED Silver certified prototypical full-service hospital located on 48 acres in the Shadow Creek Planned Development neighborhood of Pearland, Texas. This three-story facility contains 33 inpatient beds and extensive outpatient services. Because it was designed to expand both horizontally and vertically—up to three more floors and 200 additional beds—the center is equipped to continue serving their growing community.

Services provided in the new hospital include a full range of acute care, inpatient, outpatient, and emergency care services. These include surgery, diagnostic imaging, cardiac catheterization, women’s services, nursery, NICU, and critical care services.


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