Mallard Fox Pump Station


The Challenge

The Mallard Fox Pump Station serves the Mallard Fox Creek Industrial Park, a 1,000-acre industrial site in Decatur, Alabama. To accommodate near-term expansion and future build-outs of the park, Decatur Utilities needed to expand the existing pump station’s capacity beyond 3.7 million gallons per day.


The Solution

Barge Design Solutions provided three expansion alternatives to the client: (1) expand the existing pump station, (2) upgrade the existing facility and construct a second station to operate in parallel, and (3) abandon the existing facility and construct a new station. The company then worked with Decatur Utilities to select the best long-term solution, and it was decided to build a new pump station to replace the current one. This new pump station more than quadruples capacity with 13.5 million gallons per day.


By the Numbers

0 linear feet of pipe
$0 million construction cost

The Barge Factor

By providing multiple options to the client, Barge Design Solutions worked closely with Decatur Utilities to develop a solution that served immediate expansion needs and was cost-effective in the long-run.

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