Tennessee Riverpark

Barge Design Solutions was asked to complete a master plan for a three-mile extension of the iconic Tennessee Riverpark along the Tennessee River in Chattanooga. The route is rich in industrial and cultural history and traverses both active and brownfield industrial facilities, providing a unique experience for Riverwalk users. The extension begins at historic Ross’s Landing near the Tennessee Aquarium and winds through existing and abandoned industrial areas to St. Elmo and Lookout Mountain.


The Challenge

Much of the trail’s route follows the Tennessee River behind active industrial facilities like Alstom Power, requiring careful coordination with those facilities to limit the impact on operations while providing an enjoyable experience for the users. Eight railroad crossings on the route would also need to be negotiated.


The Solution

The industrial nature of the corridor required creative concepts to design a pleasing and safe user experience. Barge Design Solutions coordinated with industrial facilities to create a design that limited operational impact and ensured both safety and enjoyment for users. A pocket park was designed to celebrate significant industrial artifacts. Natural and scenic views of Chattanooga were also highlighted with pedestrian overlook areas showcasing the Tennessee River, Moccasin Bend, and Lookout Mountain.

Barge Design Solutions also provided construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services for the project, including environmental construction services, project administration, quality assurance, and inspection.

The Barge Factor

The Barge Design Solutions team worked with stakeholders, local industries, and railroad companies to provide a design that honored the industrial and cultural heritage of the area, while providing a beautiful and thoughtful design for Riverwalk users.

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