Suwanee Town Center


The Challenge

The City of Suwanee, Georgia, wanted to develop a community-based, multi-use town center that included commercial, retail, government, and residential uses. The outdoor space would serve individuals and small groups daily, and large groups for special events. As a focal point for the City, the space needed to be visible from two adjacent highways. However, it was also important for traffic noise to be buffered while being a safe place for children to play.


The Solution

Barge Design Solutions first developed a master plan for the area. The recommended open-space park now includes a signature amphitheater for festivals and civic gatherings. The Suwanee City Hall was built as an adjacent centerpiece to the park, anchoring new development. As part of the Suwanee community planning process, this 10-acre park has become the centerpiece for new development of office, retail, residential, and municipal facilities.

The overall open space provides multiple spaces at various scales to allow individuals and groups of all sizes to enjoy the park. A plaza links the park to nearby buildings and prioritizes greenspace by way of wide landscaped medians and tree-lined streets. To minimize traffic sounds, the interior of the park was lowered below the grade of nearby highways to create separation and a noise buffer between the park and adjacent streets, while still allowing for views into the park by pedestrians and passing vehicles.



A new town center was created that integrates green space with mixed-use development, government facilities, and a residential community, creating a dynamic and active environment that has spurred economic development in and around the district.

The Barge Factor

A multi-disciplined design team produced a site plan based on the client’s desires and needs. This design-driven solution resulted in a bold statement that has been embraced by the client and Suwanee.

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