Roadway Maintenance Management System

The Challenge

The City of Hendersonville, TN, needed a roadway maintenance management system that would allow city officials to assess the roadway network and plan how to efficiently budget for the future. The City was unable to standardize the frequent roadway condition complaints nor use a defensible rating method to prioritize potential roadway repairs. Barge Design Solutions was asked to determine a baseline of current road conditions and establish a level of service to accurately respond to public complaints that may warrant repair. It required a roadway condition assessment of City-maintained streets. The City was also in need of developing their GIS for assets within the right-of-way.


The Solution

Barge Design Solutions and their sub-consultant drove City-maintained streets with a van equipped with advanced data collection devices. The data collection captured road surface distresses and imagery used to extract assets within the right-of-way (stormwater inlets, street signs and sidewalk ramps). The data was then used in the development of a five-year plan to improve the roadway network utilizing established budgets. Barge Design Solutions created a Pavement Condition Index Rating for every GIS segment of the street network and a Condition Assessment Report that documents multiple maintenance strategies to improve the overall network conditions.

Multiple workshops were held with the City’s staff to find the right mix of necessary budget and roadway condition improvements.


The Results

The roadway maintenance management system now allows city officials to prioritize which roads need attention, determine the level of required maintenance, and budget accordingly. Also, in 2023, the City will have the ability to review the previous five years’ progress and plan long-term once again.

The Barge Factor

Barge Design Solutions’ Information Management team partnered with the firm’s transportation engineers to meet the City’s needs with a multidisciplinary approach. A sub-consultant was strategically utilized to collect necessary data via laser scanning and imagery, allowing Barge Design Solutions to extract assets seen from the City’s road network and develop an accurate GIS.

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