Jack Edwards National Airport Parking Ramp Expansion


The Challenge

Jack Edwards National Airport added a new operator that specializes in charter flights, but the airport did not have parking ramps that were designed for the size and weight of the operator’s planes. Existing parking ramps at the airport were made of asphalt, a softer material than the charter planes required, and were designed for smaller aircraft. The airport partnered with Barge Design Solutions to expand the ramps with the help of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding.


The Solution

The Barge Design Solutions team worked with airport officials to develop a plan that addressed concerns from various stakeholders and convinced the FAA to approve funding for a larger parking ramp. The team met the FAA’s short deadline and quickly secured necessary funding, expanding the original project from a small asphalt ramp to a six-acre concrete ramp that could accommodate the operator’s aircraft.

The airport expanded its services to include commercial aircraft in a community that relies on tourism and praised Barge Design Solutions for its efforts to complete the project on time.


The Barge Factor

Barge Design Solutions’ dedication to the client’s success began with proposing the ramp expansion to the FAA. Once the project was approved, the company’s focus on completing the project on time made the project a success.

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