V.D. Parrott Jr. Water Treatment Plant


Originally built in 1963, V.D. Parrott Jr. Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is Dalton Utilities' largest water treatment plant. However, it has not been significantly rehabilitated or improved in the last 25 years, and many components date back to the original construction. Water demands have decreased over the last decade due to economic downturn, water conservation efforts, and innovations in the carpet industry which have reduced local water demands.

Considering the necessity for upgrades and the community's shift in requirements, Dalton Utilities (DU) contracted with Barge in 2015 to bring this facility into the 21st century with updated technology and design. Barge conducted a condition assessment of the existing facility components, evaluated alternate treatment processes, and considered recommendations for improvements to the plant’s pumping, treatment process, chemical, and building systems. The resulting Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) recommended an extensive improvements program at the River Water Plant. This $85 million CIP is expected to be completed in three phases over the course of 10 years, beginning in 2016.

The first phase of the CIP included the implementation of the Disinfection and Corrosion Control Improvements Project, aimed at eliminating the use of chlorine gas as this is a community safety concern. An evaluation of disinfection alternatives indicated that a bulk hypochlorite storage and feed facility, with provisions for onsite generation in the future, was the most economical choice for disinfection. This project also included the installation of a phosphate storage and feed system, which provides a corrosion inhibitor system to prevent health issues related to lead and copper. This modern and effective facility was placed into service in April 2018.

Phase 2 of the CIP, totaling $75 million, includes three construction contracts over the course of three years. These projects include improvements to the plant chemical storage and feed systems, improvements to the raw water facilities including a new 50 MGD Raw Water Pump Station, the installation of a 40 MGD pressure membrane filtration system in a new Membrane Building, and other improvements to the existing treatment processes.

The completion of the CIP will initially provide a plant finished water production of 40 MGD, with provisions to expand the new facilities to the original plant capacity of 50 MGD with minimal expenditures. This 40 MGD Membrane Filtration facility will be the largest membrane filtration water plant in Georgia, the second largest in the Southeast, and one of the top 10 such facilities in the US.


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