City of Macon Stormwater Management Transfer

 Photo Credit: Donn Rodenroth

The Challenge

In Macon-Bibb County, Georgia, the local government has requested that stormwater management responsibilities be transferred to the Macon Water Authority. As part of the transfer, Macon Water Authority worked with Barge Design Solutions to outline current stormwater management issues and determine necessary resources and funding as they take on this new role in the community.


The Solution

Barge Design Solutions first provided background research on current stormwater issues to define the program’s needs. The team then prepared a cost of service and evaluated fee structures to further define the program and its funding policies. A community development plan was also developed.

The program study provided by Barge Design Solutions is part of an overall detailed analysis of the options available to Macon Water Authority as it develops and implements its stormwater management function.

The Barge Factor

The Barge Design Solutions team had been involved with stormwater management in Macon-Bibb County for many years, giving the company a strong background in the community’s processes. This previous work provided knowledge for the team to better understand Macon’s issues and ongoing needs.

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