Bob Higgins Named 2018 Power Leader in Nashville Commercial Real Estate

12 / June / 2018

Nashville Business Journal recognized its 2018 Power Leaders in Commercial Real Estate on June 11. Barge Design Solutions' very own CEO Bob Higgins was named as an honoree in the architecture/engineering category.

This honor recognizes Barge Design Solutions' commitment to playing a critical role in shaping Nashville's commercial development. The highest honor really belongs within the Nashville Civil group for the role that they play every day in shaping the Nashville skyline. You don’t have to look very far out of our office windows to see the contribution they have made on the Nashville landscape.

Nominees for this award were asked a series of questions regarding Nashville’s growth and development. When asked about effectively addressing growth in Nashville, Higgins responded: "The commercial real estate market is a very competitive place, and Nashville has built a brand and reputation that we cannot take for granted a single day. We have to stay on top of infrastructure, education, public safety and economic development opportunities. If we don't, we will lose our place in line." (Nashville Business Journal, June 11)

The Nashville Business Journal solicited nominations and grouped those nominees into categories. Those individuals were then asked to vote on one another, with more weight given to votes that nominees received from outside their companies. “It is a true honor to be selected by my peers for this recognition,” said Higgins.