Building Services

Our clients have a vision for what they need in a built environment, and we deliver.


Your vision is more than brick and mortar. It has purpose. Whether it holds 5,000 employees designing cutting-edge technology or 50 elementary students learning to read, it plays a key role in bettering community, culture and economy. Our experience and resources at Barge Design Solutions offer all you need to bring vision to reality.

In addition to design services for new facilities, we offer engineering and design services for expansion, repurposing, commissioning and renovation of existing facilities. Our extensive building portfolio includes distribution centers, warehouses, office buildings, mission-critical facilities, corporate headquarters, government and municipal facilities, commercial locations and more.


Typical Building Types


  • Office Buildings
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Mission-Critical Facilities
  • Government and Municipal Facilities
  • Education Facilities
  • Justice and Correctional Complexes
  • Hospitality and Tourism Venues
  • Commercial Locations
  • Research and Laboratory Facilities
  • Sports and Recreation Complexes


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